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The Update Service - UPDSRV

Licencing Information

The shareware version of The Update Service is free for personal use, and can be used for business purposes for an evaluation period not exceeding 30 days. There are no timeout conditions with The Update Service, however the shareware version does not come with any upgrade path, future bug fixes or Y2K statement (though it should work ok).

The Update Service Professional is fully upgradeable, and comes with free bug fix updates (0.01 revisions), and feature enhancement updates (0.1 revisions). Competetive upgrades are avaliable for major update releases (1.0 revisions). The current version of The Update Service Professional is 2.31MB, and is fully Y2K compliant.

The Update Service Professional can be licenced in a number of ways, depending upon your organisational structure. Simply choose the most efficient way to licence, and call P1 for further details. . .

Per Seat
Each workstation or server running the update service requires its own licence
1-9 Seats - 100.00 each
10-25 Seats - 80.00 each
26-100 Seats - 65.00 each
101-500 Seats - 40.00 each
501+ Seats - 30.00 each

Per Server
Each Server or Domain controller require a separate licence. In this senario, Workstation Client licences are free
1-5 Servers - 550.00 each
6-10 Servers - 500.00 each
11-25 Servers - 450.00 each
26+ Servers - 400.00 each

Per Domain
Each NT Domain requires its own licence, regardless of the number of workstations or Servers within it
1-9 Domains - 4000.00 per domain
10+ Domains - Please Call!

Per Site
Each Site requires its own separate licence. A site is regarded as a unique postal address. Each site only requires one site licence, regardless of the number of domains, servers or workststions
1-9 Sites - 3250.00 per site
10+ Sites - Please Call!

Enterprise Nationwide & Worldwide
This allows unlimited workstations, servers, domains and sites across an entire company, Country or Worldwide structure.
Enterprise Edition Licence - 25000.00

All prices exclude VAT at 17.5%