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Year 2000 (Y2K) Compliance

P1 Limited makes the following Y2k guarantees on its 'Professional' and 'Enterprise' range of products. Note that 'Shareware' versions of products are NOT guaranteed to be Y2K compliant. In fact in the case of the shareware version of CreADe, this is by design NOT Y2K compliant.

P1 Limited guarantees that it's products are compatible with the storage, entry, manipulation, and processing of dates and times that refer to the 21st century, as long as the underlying operating system also supports these dates and times.  In the case of Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0, for example, there is an operating system imposed limit to the year 2036.  The limit of the year 2036 is a documented restriction of Windows NT.

P1 Products use only standard, documented, Win32, C++ (MFC), and C runtime library functions for all date and time manipulation.  The primary routines and classes that are used are GetDateFormat and CTime's methods.  CreADe Professional's primary use of date information is in the display of file dates, and user account expiration dates.

In making this guarantee, it is assumed that at least the following versions of products are used. Versions prior to those listed below are not necessarily Y2K Compliant

Context Switcher - 2.20MB
CreADe - 3.29MB
P1K9NUTS (all types) - 1.10MB
P1News Desktop & Server - 3.00MB
P1Player - 1.17MB
Update Service - 2.30MB